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Penis Vibrators Are Here And They Will Change Your Life

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This isn’t primarily a sex toy blog, but every once in a while I stumble across toys that completely challenge my way of thinking about sex. Penis vibrators are a genre of toy that I’ve been curious about for a while, but mostly I was skeptical – after all, my right hand has gotten the job done admirably for my entire life – but when I was offered the chance to take two vibrators for a test-drive, I figured I’d see what all the hubbub was about.

As it turns out, they’re revolutionary – and not for the reasons I expected.

I tried out the Hot Octopuss Pulse II SOLO and the Fun Factory Cobra Libre II, and as far as I know those are the only vibrators designed specifically for penises. Though they’re actually quite different technologically, both operate under the same general premise: deep vibrations against the frenulum of the penis lead to orgasm – crazy-powerful, taint-shaking orgasms.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse II SOLO

The Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

The Fun Factory Cobra Libre II









So, do they work? Yes… and no.

The first time I used the Cobra Libre, it took me over forty-five minutes (!!) to orgasm. For reference, when I use my hands it can take as little as thirty seconds. And it wasn’t even particularly enjoyable at first. In fact, it wasn’t much of anything. It was just vibration. Basically, if you’ve got a penis and you’re used to masturbating with your hands, these toys might feel pretty boring at first, especially the Cobra Libre, which produces a much more subtle sensation than the Hot Octopuss.

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