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Mythbusting Social Theory

Do “Hot” People Really Have Hotter Sex?

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I’m sorry for waiting so long to do another post (again). I was busy doing very important thinks. Like binge-watching Eastsiders, a webseries about sad gay alcoholics being sad and gay and alcoholic.

Oh, and hot.

[Cal and Thom from "Eastsiders." Cal, shirtless, leans up against a door.]

Hot Person™ Kit Williamson, folks.

I have a crush on Kit Williamson, apparently, because every time he stared dolefully into the distance or slinked coyly around the room or rolled over in bed (shirtless!) I had to take some time to calm myself down. Seriously, I could spend all day looking at him. All. Day. I texted my partner about this–multiple times–because I could not keep it inside of me. I was transfixed.

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