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Sex Ed Social Theory

Stop Talking About Sex

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First of all, I’m sorry for disappearing. In my never-ending quest for financial solvency, I did the unthinkable and got a job. It’s been hard to find a regular writing schedule since then, but I haven’t forgotten about this blog (or its wonderful readers!), and I’ve got some exciting pieces in the metaphorical oven.

Speaking of metaphors, I’d like to throw around a theory that I’ve been contemplating recently. It goes like this: for some people, the best way to talk about sex is to talk about something else entirely.

Here at Yaybody, I try my best to approach sexuality head-on. I’ve found that if I get cutesy or beat around the bush too much, it becomes harder for people to understand what I mean. Also, I want to equip my readers with the language and concepts necessary for them to understand their bodies and desires.

That’s all well and good, but sometimes it seems as though people – even sex educators – would rather talk about anything aside from sex. Take food, for example. Al Vernacchio says that we should talk about sex the way we talk about pizza. Emmeline May says that sex (or, more specifically, consent) should be treated like tea. My sex ed students have decided that sex is actually more like macaroni and cheese.

What gives? Or, in the words of one of my students: “Why you gotta make all of my meals about sex?”

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