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Sex Ed

Masturbating Makes You Feel Gross? Blame Your Amygdala.

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In case you haven’t gotten the memo, masturbating is both normal and healthy. Woohoo!

[Animation: Black man dancing happily in front of a light blue, pink, and blue screen.]

Something that feels good… is good. Fascinating.

There’s more to the masturbation story than rainbows and puppies, however. Apparently, just knowing  that it’s good doesn’t always make masturbation an amazing act. Ever since I began to teach sex ed, people young and old have asked me about the “gross” feeling that people sometimes get after they masturbate. For a while my answer always circled back to the idea that sexual shame is inescapable in modern society. And that’s definitely part of it, but even the most liberated people I know have confessed to occasionally feeling a little squicked after masturbation.

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