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Birth Control Mythbusting Sex Ed

Birth Control Beyond the Basics: Pill Power!

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Today’s post is written by Annie, a dear friend of mine who knows a whole lot about sexual and reproductive health. This is part one out of three in her series, “Birth Control Beyond the Basics.” Enjoy! 

Birth control pills are the most commonly used method of contraception in the US, and are so ubiquitous that they’re probably the first thing that pops to mind when you hear the phrase “birth control.” There are actually a lot of other methods, most of which are actually easier to use than the pill, but the pill can be a really great method for those who don’t struggle with taking it every day at the same. (Yes, you really do need to be taking it at the same time for full efficacy.) Although it can come with negative side effects, the pill actually has some potential POSITIVE side effects as well. It reduces your risk of certain cancers, often reduces acne, and helps many people get relief from irregular, heavy or painful periods. The pill is often prescribed specifically to deal with these issues!

What you might not know, though, is that you actually don’t need to get your period AT ALL while taking the pill!

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Say what?

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