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Mythbusting Sex Ed

Things You Should Know About STIs (But Probably Don’t)

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Last year was not a great year for me, health-wise. I got shingles, pneumonia, and the flu. I had to get an endoscopy because of stress-related indigestion. I twisted my knee while snowboarding and couldn’t run for a month.

Also, I got my first STI. And then I got my second.

For the uninitiated, STI stands for “sexually transmitted infection.” Most of us grew up calling them STDs. Most of us were also instilled with a deep fear of them – and not much else. We were taught that people who got STIs are morally decrepit, physically loathsome, and doomed to die, but we weren’t taught about how they are treated, how to talk to our partners about them, or how to test for them responsibly.

So when I got scabies, the first thought that ran through my head was, “This is the worst thing that has ever happened,” and the second was, “My partners are going to hate me.”

You’re saying I have a totally treatable infection that can be cured with a single pill? Goodbye, cruel world!

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