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Is Honesty the Best Policy? (or: Sex Educators Have Feelings, Too)

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This will be a long, GIFless post. Please don’t kick me off of the internet.

Recently, a partner of mine texted me to let me know that although he was open to continuing to see me, he wasn’t feeling the level of physical attraction that he’d hoped for.

I didn’t react amazingly. I didn’t react horribly, either. I took a few cheap jabs and ultimately told him that perhaps we shouldn’t see each other anymore; being physical with someone who wasn’t attracted to me would not feel good.

Reflecting on the situation, I’m struck most by the fact that throughout the exchange, he operated under the assumption that the most important thing was to be honest with me, that I deserved to know how he felt about my body. When it became apparent that I was upset, he asked me to consider my role as a sex educator – was it right of me to be offended simply because he wasn’t attracted to me?

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